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Saturday, Oct 16, 2021

5 BILLION Facebook Fine - Too Little Too Late?

RT Correspondent Brigida Santos walks us through the $5 BILLION dollar fine the Federal Trade Commission dished on Facebook for its mishandling and sale of user data, with regard to its working relationship with UK-based Cambridge Analytica. But is this historic settlement enough to re-shape the way tech giants like Facebook treat our personal information?
Trial Magazines Editor Farron Cousins and legal & media analyst Lionel discuss a pair of lawsuits that President Trump is currently embroiled in. Trump and his family are facing complaints of their previous investments in a multi-level marketing company called ACN, which exploited customers under the guise of offering telecomm services. Meanwhile, the President is filing suit against democrats over their continued push for Trump to release his tax returns. Farron and Lionel then pivot to famed attorney Alan Dershowitz and his recent comments which appear to double down on his claim that the age of sexual consent be lowered. Hot on the heels of Jeffrey Epstein’s saga, could Dershowitz’s timing BE any worse?

Plus, legal journalist Mollye Barrows updates us on a case going back decades at The Ohio State University. 30 more former students are accusing former sports physician Dr. Richard Strauss of sexual abuses committed during physical exams. This is just the latest addition, as accusers now total ONE-HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SEVEN, most of whom were student athletes under the care of Strauss.

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