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Friday, Oct 30, 2020

60 Nicaraguans returned home today

60 Nicaraguans returned home today

Governor's Office confirms 60 Nicaraguans returned home today.
I am so pleased that over 60 Nicaraguans are finally heading home today. Team Cayman stepped up impressively to support them. This is a picture from the airport this morning, commented the Governor.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic Nicaragua closed its borders back in April just one day before a specially-organised flight was due to depart Grand Cayman. That was a very frustrating situation. Since then my office has been in regular contact with the Government and recently received permission for a flight to operate.

I visited some of the community in June and have kept in contact with them through Cayman ARK’s Tara Nielsen and now thanks to generous donations from the R3 Cayman Foundation and another anonymous donor who have paid for the flights, some of them are heading home, said the Governor.

Cayman Airways are operating the flight and Travel Time have been working to ensure the passengers have all the paperwork in place in order to travel. Another great example of how good teamwork has been vital to our response to COVID19.

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