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Saturday, Oct 23, 2021

8 Of Top 10 Crypto Back In April 2020 Have Doubled In Value Since

8 Of Top 10 Crypto Back In April 2020 Have Doubled In Value Since

If a person had invested $1,200 (same amount as the US Government issued stimulus check, get it?) in the top 10 crypto back in April of 2020, how much would that investor have across various assets?

Had a person invested $1,200 into to top 10 cryptocurrency back in April 30, 2020, this is what it would be worth in today’s rates.

Bitcoin & Ethereum

Bitcoin (BTC): If $1,200 was invested into bitcoin back in April 30, 2020, in current August prices, that investment would be worth about $6,870. The price of BTC has risen 570% over that period of time.

Ethereum (ETH): Putting a $1,200 in Ethereum back in 2020, at this point, the investor would have over $19,000. ETH has massively outperformed the price of BTC, and gone up nearly 1,600%.

Rest of the April 2020 Top 10

XRP (XRP): $6,500 (+550%)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): $3,248 (+270%)

Bitcoin SV (BSV): $1,000 (-20%)

Litecoin (LTC): $4,700 (+389%)

Binance Coin (BNB): $35,000 (+2,900%)

EOS (EOS): $2,200 (+180%)

Tezos (XTZ): $2,400 (+200%)

Stellar (XLM): $6,200 (+520%)

Looking at the list above, 9 from the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap back in April 2020, would have yielded nearly profits, with once exception (EOS) that would have gone up 1.8x of its USD value. Only one coin in top 10 would have made loss: Bitcoin SV (BSV) has gone 20 down in that period.

Current Superstars

Obviously if you look at the super hot coins now, there are massive rises in price such as Cardano (ADA) that has gone up +6,000 the investment would be worth $71,000, the same investment to Dogecoin (DOGE) would be worth over $140,000 (+12,000%) or Solana (SOL) would be nearly $170,000 (+14,000). But, for many of the new comers or even more seasoned crypto investors these coins would have been a risky bet back then.

Investment in crypto can be risky, but looking at the performance of the top 10 crypto since April 2020, it would suggest that the returns in general outperform a number of other investment assets.

Source: 8 Of Top 10 Crypto Back In April 2020 Have Doubled In Value Since – Fintechs.fi


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