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Monday, Nov 28, 2022

Actor Devery Jacobs Creates 3 Makeup Looks Using All Indigenous Beauty Brands

Actor Devery Jacobs Creates 3 Makeup Looks Using All Indigenous Beauty Brands

The ‘Reservation Dogs’ star showcases products from Cheekbone Beauty, Prados Beauty, and more.

Indigenous actor Devery Jacobs has been having quite the busy year. She starred in the hit FX series Reservation Dogs, which premiered in August, and is now working on season two of the show in the writers room. “I’m so glad that we’ve been able to receive such great praise and support. I’m very humbled by it,” says Jacobs of the project. She says being involved in such a popular, Indigenous-led series has been a game-changing experience. “I’ve been working for a number of years, and a lot of the things that made me super res-y were things that I was discouraged from,” says Jacobs. “Now, it’s all of a sudden cool for me to be Native. I’ve always known that, but for it to be seen on the mainstream level like that. I’m glad that my nieces and nephews can grow up feeling proud and seeing that it is a good thing.”

Outside of her acting work, Jacobs has been a great supporter of Indigenous fashion and beauty brands. At the recent Emmys, for instance, she wore a gown by the Indigenous label Lesley Hampton. When it comes to makeup, she wears brands on the rise like Cheekbone Beauty, Prados Beauty, Ah-Shi Beauty, and Blended Girl Cosmetics-just a few of the Indigenous-owned labels that are innovating on makeup palettes, bronzers, highlighters, and brushes. For Jacobs, the concept of Indigenous-owned beauty products is nothing new. “I grew up in Kahnawa:ke [Mohawk territory], where there was Sequoia skin care and soaps,” says Jacobs. “I never imagined a time when Indigenous [beauty] brands could have such success. It’s an exciting way forward!”

In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day today, Vogue enlisted Jacobs and her go-to makeup artist, Jodi Urichuk, to collaborate on three makeup looks using her favorite Indigenous beauty brands. “Jodi is always down to collaborate,” says Jacobs. “Even when we’re not working together, we follow each other and we’ll just send each other different inspiration looks.” One such label they used is Cheekbone Beauty, a Canadian brand that even has a lipstick named after Jacobs. “It’s a deep berry color, and I’ve worn it on red carpets in the past,” says Jacobs.

Below, Jacobs experiments with three makeup looks that range from the minimal to the extreme. She says each one represents her approach to glam in her day-to-day life. “I’m an all-or-nothing person,” Jacobs explains. “I’m either not wearing any makeup at all and just roughing it or I’m glammed up and experimenting with beauty.”

Below, see Jacobs’s three beauty looks using all Indigenous products.

No-Makeup Makeup

“This is my my-skin-but-better look-my classic, everyday, subdued go-to. I love having dewy skin and skin that doesn’t look too powdery or too matte. I would audition in this look. With auditions, they’re looking for what you look like. Casting directors like to see no-makeup makeup looks: They want to be able to imagine what makeup will look like on you when you’re acting.”

Zoom-Ready Glam

“I would wear this look when I want to go out for dinner or when I’m working or doing press interviews. When I have a little more time to have fun with my look, I always bust out my cobalt blue Cheekbone Beauty eyeliner. That’s my go-to. Jodi and I wanted to do a more modern take on the cat eye, so we did a rounded version versus the typical pointy one. We also diffused it with some blue shades from the Prados Beauty palette for a softer look.”

Red-Carpet Ready

“This is my evening-event look. I’d wear this on the red carpet. Because I can’t wear a mask without it ruining my lips, I’ve been really focusing on eye color lately. I love playing with color on the red carpet. Here, we used blue and teal eyeliner from Cheekbone Beauty and the Prados Beauty powder palette to amp it up even more.”


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