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Saturday, Nov 26, 2022

Agatha, first Pacific hurricane of 2022, nears Mexico

Agatha, first Pacific hurricane of 2022, nears Mexico

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Hurricane Agatha — the first 2022 hurricane in either the Atlantic or the eastern Pacific — was expected to make landfall in southern Mexico on Monday as a high-end Category 2 storm, according to the National Hurricane Center.
"Life-threatening hurricane-force winds are expected in portions of the hurricane warning area in Oaxaca, Mexico, this afternoon and continuing through this evening," said the National Hurricane Center in a forecast discussion at 11 am ET Monday after the first named Pacific hurricane of 2022 formed Sunday.

"Extremely dangerous coastal flooding from storm surge accompanied by large and destructive waves is expected near and the east of where Agatha makes landfall," the NHC said.

"Heavy rains associated with Agatha over portions of southern Mexico will continue through Tuesday. This rainfall will pose a threat of potentially life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides," it added.

Should the hurricane intensify to a Category 3, it will be the strongest May storm to make landfall in the eastern Pacific on record.

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