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Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

Boris Johnson finally resigned… But?

Few other tory members are bidding to replace him.
All the media are treating it as if this is going to be a big change to
The uk corrupted politicul culture….Is it?
Who from the candidates are really representing clean and honest politic?
Who from the candidates was not part of the lying, misleading, breaking the law and corruption that was the reason that Boris Johnson has resigned?

In fact all of them were part of the same Boris Johnson problem, therefore none of them can be part of the solution.

They have not come to serve the uk but to be served generously by the uk tax payers.

Uk’s corrupted politics need a real change, not more of the same.

Whoever will be elected to replace Boris Johnson cannot claim that they enjoy the trust of the majority of the British people.

In fact, the majority of the British do not trust any of the candidates therefore, this is not a democracy.

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