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Monday, Jul 26, 2021

COVID-19: Shock over the death of an entire family in Argentina

A town is in shock over the death of an entire family from COVID-19. Mother, father and son passed away in just 48 hours.
The Argentine city of Santo Tomé was shocked after it was known that an entire family died from COVID-19. It is about a married couple and their son, who died two days apart.

The first affected by COVID- 19 was Carlos Miguel Schweizer, 34, who died on Tuesday, April 13. The young man worked in the Municipal Police area, although he was not working because he was a risk patient, and he was the father of a 3-year-old girl.

Hours later, those who were infected were his mother, Graciela (62), and his father, Jorge (62), head of the Photography Department of the Santa Fe government and owner of the local newspaper Santo Tomé Siglo XXI. Both died on Thursday, just 48 hours after the death of their son.

"It is our turn to deliver the terrible news of the death of a young municipal employee, who was unable to perform his duties due to comorbidities," the city mayor, Daniela Qüesta, had communicated on social media Tuesday.

"We want to express our condolences on the part of the whole family that we form the workers and municipal officials, to the loved ones of Charly, and to make ourselves available for whatever they need at this sad time," said the head of the local Executive.

Later who spoke to the Aire de Santa Fé news site was Pamela, the young man's widow and mother of a three-year-old girl. "I have to thank God that he left me alive to take care of my daughter, because I too was very close to leaving," he said.

The woman, who was also infected with coronavirus, added moved: "My whole family left, my support, I stayed with my daughter alone," she said with her voice still taken by the disease.

She also said that she already told his daughter about the death of her father, but not yet about the death of her grandparents. "I'm going to ask a psychologist for help to tell her, it's a lot of loss for her."

SOURCE: Clarín Newspaper

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