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Sunday, May 29, 2022

The BVI government should require the COI to pay for every demand that involves wasting BVI’s public resources

The Commission of Inquiry (COI) is an initiative solely of the UK Government, made without coordination, without consultation, without approval, without a tender and without budgetary planning by the BVI government. This initiative forces the BVI to waste millions of dollars to finance expenses that the UK’s COI consumes at the expense of BVI taxpayers' money. It's against the law.
The BVI government has to spend huge money it does not have, to fund the requirements that the UK's COI consumes. For example, the UK's Commission of Inquiry (COI) requires that the entities involved submit five hard copies of every one of the hundreds thousands document the COI requests from them.

This requirement consumes the work hours of dozens of public employees on a huge scale. They are engaged in searching, organizing and photocopying a myriad of documents (each 5 times - why?) instead of performing the public work for which they were hired. And on top of the ridiculous time cost, there's the cost of photo-copying documents five time on paper, because the COI is being managed by a very primitive person who has not heard of the digital age. (Perhaps because he is still living in the colonial age and intends to send his final report back to Westminster enscribed on a roll of parchment and towed by a flock of trans-Atlantic homing pigeons?)

In addition, the COI requires dozens of witnesses in key senior positions at BVI, including ministers, MPs and heads of critical institutions, to waste very long days and hours, to help the UK's COI look for evidence that will enable it to succeed in its mission. This being somehow to find evidence that will enable it to point fingers against past and present BVI governments, alleging some way or other that they did not conduct government affairs 100% perfectly.

Let us leave aside for a moment the obvious problems: the impudence, the lack of authority and the moral contradiction in conducting such a malevolent fishing expedition, and instead treat this aberrant exercise with forgiveness and compassion. Let us simply assume that it is merely a negligible remnant of Britain's historical mental illness manifested in nasty symptoms such as colonialism, racism and inferiority feelings of a weak white minority, along with its associated co-addictions to forced occupation, rape, enslavement and double standards. Let us just mark it down as yet another rambling delusion of superiority of an inferior person, just one more irrational outburst driven by the underlying mental illnesses from which the poor patient continues to suffer.

Instead, let us look at the other significant problem: that it costs BVI money. A lot of money. Lots of unnecessary money. Lots of money from the BVI government budget. Lots of money that was never legally approved in BVI's annual budget. Lots of budget wasted to satisfy the capricious (or maybe insane?) whims of Britain, and not for the needs of the BVI people. It's a lot of money that the BVI government is forced by a colonial power to easye in violation of the budget law approved by the parliament of the BVI people, for the BVI people. Not for the British people.

BVI residents are actually a double fee for this illegitimate audit that they didn't want and don't need. The islanders already pay generously to fund their own supervisory institutions, which are the only legal institutions allowed and budgeted to audit government activities.

As a direct result, the budget of the BVI government and people is being wasted to fund the UK's continuing obsession with occupation and racism, under the excuse of moral purity, on behalf of a British government which is itself drowning in a bottomless sea of daily scandals, corruption cases, and serial offenses by lawmakers against their own laws and regulations.

The BVI government is in fact breaking its own law by subsidising the wishes of another government, as this whole illegitimate process is in stark contrast to the budget framework and work plan that the government has approved by law.

The BVI government should provide Mr. Gary Hickinbottom with a bill to pay a deposit of at least $ 10 million in advance, before providing him with even more services that he wants to consume from the BVI government, and not allow him to consume any more of the Islands' resources before paying the money the COI owes to the BVI people.

As we witness in this morning's news, the British Elite are also evading paying the billions-of-Euro debts it has pledged to pay the EU. And of course, they are still systematically evading paying for the slavery, occupations, products and services they actually consumed during the days of Empire, to built for themselves the vast majority of everything Britain owns today. They even negate fair payments to their own good people: the NHS, teachers, farmers, fishermen, police and British tax-payers in general.

The British Elite are nicely aristocratic, as long as it is at the expense of others. And they are very law-abiding, as long as upholding the law costs money to others and not to them. But for them, high morality is generally just a matter of geography, race and skin color.

They are particularly sensitive to and adept at the nuance of language and the style of grammar. The more beautifully they choose their words and shape their sentences, the uglier are the acts they can cover up.

Which is why, it will not be until the British Elite are given the bill to pay for their whims - like applying a dose rat poison to get rid of vermin - will they walk away as usual and hide back in their English Pirate Island.

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