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Thursday, Jun 24, 2021

Experts Distrust Mexican President’s Anti-Secrecy Bill

Experts Distrust Mexican President’s Anti-Secrecy Bill

Mexico’s President has proposed a bill that would make graft cases involving public servants and human rights violations public. The move is supposed to make corruption investigations more transparent but experts said they will believe it when they see it.
“One of the things that I propose, and I will make it a bill, is that, in the case of public servants, there is no secrecy, that the files be known,” President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said last week during his daily press conference.

The left-wing leader added that corruption qualifies as a form of human right violation and that probes involving public servants shouldn’t be kept secret under the principle of due process.

But Mexican researchers are concerned about the President’s motives and doubt the bill would really probes more transparent.

“Most of the statements made by the President during the daily conferences are political positions rather than duly founded and motivated normative projects,” Lourdes Morales, coordinator of the Mexican accountability network Red por la Rendición de Cuentas (RRC), told OCCRP.

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