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Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Firm to give staff fertility and miscarriage leave

Firm to give staff fertility and miscarriage leave

Cereals manufacturer Kellogg's has announced it will provide more support to staff experiencing the menopause, pregnancy loss or fertility treatment.
The firm said about 1,500 workers at its factories in Trafford and Wrexham and its Salford headquarters would benefit from a number of new measures.

They include extra paid leave for those undergoing fertility treatment or staff who suffer the loss of a pregnancy.

It said it was aiming to help staff feel "psychologically safe" at work.

The announcement was made as MPs are due to vote on a private members' bill later that, if passed, would make hormone replacement therapy free for those going through the menopause in England.

A Kellogg's spokesman said it wanted to break the silence on issues often not discussed in the workplace.

Under the plans, managers will be trained on how to talk about the menopause and pregnancy loss and paid leave for pregnancy loss will be given without the need for a doctor's note.

It also intends to give staff going through fertility treatment three blocks of leave each year as well as access to a private space to administer treatment if necessary.

The firm's Europe vice-president in human resources Sam Thomas-Berry said it was "launching several new workplace policies for even better equity and inclusion".

"Many people experience these issues, and the impact can be both physical and mental, but they aren't discussed widely in the workplace," she said.

"We want to create a culture where people feel psychologically safe, so we'll encourage colleagues to be allies to others impacted by these issues."

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