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Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

La policía y el zoo están investigando cómo "Malabo" logró entrar en la zona protegida.

Gorilla attacks a caregiver in a zoo in Madrid

A gorilla in a Madrid zoo attacked a caregiver on Sunday who went to clean the gorilla's cage and feed him, breaking both of her arms and wounding her head, the zoo and emergency services announced.
The 46-year-old woman performed her usual morning routine in the indoor facility. Upon entering a protected area with a triple gate, the caretaker came face to face with Malabo, a 29-year-old male gorilla, the Madrid zoo announced in a statement.

The zoo team managed to move the animal away and later, the veterinary team anesthetized the animal with a tranquilizer dart, which was transferred to his interior bedroom and at the moment he is calm, the statement added.

Police and the zoo are investigating how the animal managed to enter the protected area.

The victim, who has worked at the zoo for 19 years, is hospitalized in serious condition, emergency services announced in a tweet.

The park specified that Malabo was raised by caregivers from birth and that they normally have a "close and protective" behavior.

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