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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Governor pushes back on OECS, CARICOM’s ‘colonialism’ claims with falls, fake and misleading arguments

Governor pushes back on OECS, CARICOM’s ‘colonialism’ claims with falls, fake and misleading arguments

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Governor John Rankin has sought to set the record straight regarding statements emanating from various regional bodies in relation to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report and its recommendations.

This corrupt governor claims that England's commitment to the UN was to transfer power on the island to the locals with the obligation to make sure they are safe, and that’s what he does now: “protect” the BVI people from their democratically elected government, by canceling the government and take full control by non elected foreign government.

While vomiting all this nonsense he also hide the fact that this commitment has been given by England to the UN eighty years ago (!!!), during which they did not fulfill any of UK’s commitment to free the islanders from the English tyranny, did not transfer full control to the islanders to this day, and continued to control the island remotely from England and through a white colonialist foreign and non elected anti-democratic governor. 

How the commitment to give freedom ignored for 80 years but the obligation to control the people during the transition suddenly came back to life after 80 years? 

The Queen's corrupt representative also forgets to take responsibility instead of pointing his dirty hands on others: but bring a governor it is what it is:  if there was government corruption on the island, then the responsibility for that is first and foremost of the governor, which is exactly his role on the island for the past eighty years, overseeing all government actions and signing and approving government actions under the governor's responsibility. So the governor is responsible for a high ministerial responsibility for the corruption with which he blames the island government that is actually subordinate to him.

It is sad that Elizabeth's representative makes such absurd and misleading arguments, precisely on the day the Queen celebrates seventy years of rule, celebrations that try to wash her 70 years of corruption, greed, racism, genocide and crimes against humanity, in a beautiful wrapper of dignity, statehood and clean hands.  

Rankin's argument that England has the right to expropriate another nation's democratically elected government and rights, to protect the voters from the so-called corruption of its demonically elected ministers is both rude and stupid. 

As her representative, Rankin emphasizes the ugly double standard and corrupted nature that has accompanied all the years of Elizabeth's anti democratic and illegal rule on the islands.

Since the corruption of the island's elected officials has not yet been proven in any legal tribunal, and since the corruption of the British government has been well proven above and beyond by the UK police, as well as both by Sue Gray's report and in video and stills proving that the UK's top government officials has systematically cheated the Queen, the Parliament, the House of Lords and the entire British population, so the foolish recommendations of the Queen's corrupted representative should be applied first and foremost to the corrupt UK government he represents.

For example: to transfer the powers of the government in Downing 10 to the Rwandan government, “only” for a period of several years, in order to save the English people from the undisputed and well proven corruption of their own government. 

Rwandans will surely be able to teach the British government what decent governance is, how to govern human rights. By choosing the UK-Tween-Govement of Ruanda, the British government members will be able to save brokerage fees from the kick back money the Rwandan government officials have to pay back to Priti&Co, in exchange for the concentration camps Ruanda building.

I must admit that I had hoped that the new governor was less corrupt than the previous one or at least less stupid than he was. I have probably forgotten that in order to be a colonialist governor you must have all the Hitlerite characteristics of the belief in white supremacy and any expectation from him of integrity, fairness, sense of justice or human wisdom is doomed to disappointment.


Member States within both CARICOM and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) blocs have condemned the report’s recommendation for a partial suspension of the BVI‘s constitution and direct UK rule in particular, calling it a regression and a return to colonialism in some instances.

The same sentiment has also been voiced by several individual Caribbean leaders in their own right.

UK’s proposal misinterpreted

But Governor Rankin has suggested there may have been a misinterpretation of the UK’s position in relation to that recommendation.

“Some of the responses have been to the effect that the proposal is to abolish the constitution as a whole and simply impose direct rule across-the-board from London or by the Governor. That’s not the proposal,” the Governor said in a recent 284 Media interview.

He continued: “The proposal is actually for partial suspension, which relates to ministers and the House of Assembly.”

According to the Governor, under the proposal, if it were to be implemented, the BVI’s courts, relevant statutory boards, the Director of Public Prosecutions and human rights provisions within the constitution will all remain.

“The proposal is actually not to abolish the constitution, the proposal is a partial suspension for a temporary period and I think maybe that hasn’t always been appreciated in some of the statements that we’ve seen,” the Governor expressed.

UK has duty to curb abuse

Meanwhile, Governor Rankin said the UK recognises the territory’s right to self-determination and notes that, under the United Nations (UN) charter, it has an obligation to promote self-governance within the territory.

But the Governor said under that same UN charter, the UK government has a duty to prevent abuse against the people of the BVI.

Within that context, he argued, it is also the UK‘s duty, while supporting self-governance, to “prevent what’s been happening and to prevent corruption, to prevent abuse of rights within the territory”.

“We need to try to do both,” the Governor arged, “and I believe that by tackling the recommendations as I have said before, we can actually put the BVI better on the path to self-governance.”

“Let’s wait to see the decision in relation to the partial suspension issue,” the governor added. “But the objective is what I think everybody should be supporting, which is better good governance.“


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