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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

How PR professionals manipulate us

Just how unscrupulous are international PR agencies that work on election campaigns? Using a fake identity, investigative journalist Peter Kreysler infiltrates their inner workings.
Along with journalist Gesine Enwaldt, Kreysler documents the world of campaign strategists, from the inside. The documentary provides undercover insights into the unscrupulous methods of these well-paid opinion makers.

These PR professionals work globally, on numerous national election campaigns. They use sophisticated digital methods to influence and manipulate unsuspecting citizens. How safe is Germany's 2021 "super election" campaign from populist manipulation campaigns - and even foreign influence?

The latest report by the EU's External Action Service sees Germany as the focus of Russian disinformation campaigns, with no other EU member state being attacked more fiercely. How can modern democracy defend itself against influence campaigns without curtailing freedoms?

This undercover trip into the world of PR strategists takes viewers into a web of fake news, smears and disinformation. German voters' data can, it seems, be bought and sold at will. Precise voter profiles make it possible to target different social classes very specifically. The film's journalists go deep into the world of these international PR strategists, exposing some stunning secrets.

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