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Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

Institutional Money Flows Into Bitcoin, As Bullish Momentum Continues

Institutional Money Flows Into Bitcoin, As Bullish Momentum Continues

Institutional money keeps flowing into crypto market, which probably has something to do with the recovering market prices. But also, retail investors have woken up. But with large market cap, real market movements are caused by institutional level money.

Bitcoin, as well as altcoins, are doing well. After the bearish summer, things are starting look bullish again for the wider cryptocurrency market. Large, medium and small market cap coins are all seeing an appreciation in their value is traditionally bullish Q4 continues. Only less than two weeks into October, bitcoin prices have reached four-month highs.

CoinShares: Institutional Investors Keep Buying Bitcoin

As bitcoin rallies, investors are putting money back in the market to make sure that they do not miss out on the train. Asset management firm CoinShares reported $226 million inflows for the week. Bitcoin dominated this with a total weekly inflow of $225 million. Leaving altcoins behind with only $1 million of inflows for the week.

This marks the eight straight weeks of inflows for the crypto market that come up to a total of $638 million of inflows. Bringing CoinShare’s total assets under management (AUM) to $63.65 billion.

The record for assets under management for CoinShares currently sits at $67 at its peak and currently, AUM is only 5% away from reaching the all-time high. Most of this has come from renewed faith in bitcoin as sentiment has turned towards the positive for the digital asset.

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