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Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

Jordan Peterson Reveals He Bought Bitcoin, Blasts Rising Inflation

Jordan Peterson Reveals He Bought Bitcoin, Blasts Rising Inflation

According to media reports, the Canadian psychologist has increased his net worth, which is now estimated to be $7 million. However, the majority of his fortune has not come from cryptocurrency, but from royalties from his books.

Renowned Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has said he had bought bitcoin, as he blasted inflation. The statement came several days after he released new episode of his podcast, where he discussed cryptocurrency with Dr Saifedean Ammous, PhD from Columbia University.

Peterson grilled his interlocutor over a range of issues, which included topics like whether the cryptocurrency is a safe to invest as well as its rivalry with fiat currencies. Dr Ammous has argued that bitcoin has grown into a decentralised antifragile monetary network, which is free of control and discrimination.

"The aspect that any user is seen and treated equally by the Bitcoin network is powerful and revolutionary. All of the systems currently in place, based on fiat currencies, allow for discrimination and sanctions to be enforced arbitrarily”, Dr Ammous said.

The expert later thanked Jordan Peterson in a statement on social media. The Canadian professor thanked Dr Ammous in return and said that he had bought more bitcoin before lamenting over the rising inflation.

Last week Bloomberg called bitcoin, which has recently dropped in price, "the best inflation hedge fund". The analysis conducted by the outlet has revealed that over the past 10 years the cryptocurrency has achieved 99,996 percent deflation. In comparison, Consumer Price Index has risen 28 percent in dollars during that time.


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