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Thursday, Jul 29, 2021

MEPs pass resolution on Malta’s rule of law, stress need to investigate all corruption allegations

MEPs pass resolution on Malta’s rule of law, stress need to investigate all corruption allegations

Members of the European Parliament have adopted a resolution stating that all allegations of corruption and fraud in Malta, especially at a high political level, should be investigated and prosecuted with the appropriate rigour and at the appropriate level.
MEPs voted on a resolution regarding the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and the rule of law in Malta on Wednesday, the results of which were published on Thursday morning. The MEPs passed the resolution 635 votes in favour, 46 against with 12 MEPs abstaining.

The MEPs expressed deep concern about the possible involvement of ministers and political appointees in the murder case and urged the government to bring to justice all those implicated in all cases brought to light by the journalist.

In addition, the resolution calls on Malta to terminate its investor citizenship and residence schemes. Recently, the Passport Papers have given an in depth look into the working of Malta’s past IIP scheme, revealing the lack of real genuine links between some of those purchasing citizenship and the country, among other things.

The MEPs also acknowledged the progress made, “albeit greatly delayed, in some of the investigations in cases of money laundering and corruption, particularly with regard to the former Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister.” They stressed, however, that the latest testimonies and revelations have brought new suspicious facts and potential criminal acts to light and therefore called on the Maltese authorities to also launch and advance investigations in these cases without delay, “including possible attempts by public officials to conceal evidence and obstruct investigations and judicial proceedings.”

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