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Saturday, Oct 16, 2021

Stupidity in the name of God: MLA Eden calls earthquake, coronavirus ‘warnings’ over gay lifestyle

One of the most stupid legislator in the world, Anthony Eden, moved a motion in the Legislative Assembly on Friday to affirm Christian values, an action he described as a direct response to debate over same-sex partnerships. Wouldn't it be more logic that God express his hate to people just because of the Pedophiles and sex maniacs running the Vatican business on his behalf?

He advised that natural disasters and disease could be viewed as “warnings” against expanded rights for same-sex couples.

“Mr. Speaker, once the flood gates are opened, what will happen in Cayman? How are we going to stop it? A little population of less than 70,000 built on Christian values. We have been warned over the years,” Eden said on Friday.

He then listed hurricanes Gilbert, Ivan and Paloma as having been such warnings.

“Just earlier this week, Mr. Speaker, an earthquake – the strongest tremor that I’ve known in my 75 years – hit these islands. There’s SARS. AIDS has been there over the years, gradually taking out many people. And now we hear of the coronavirus, recently declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization,” Eden continued.

“You’ve seen what’s happened. We better take warning of what’s going on.”

(Listen to the video from time 2:48:38)

What Christian-Values does this idiot protect? The crusades? The Inquisition? The huge community of Catholic sex perverts offending minors at the expense of the poor's donations?

He might do not know that Jesus was not only an illegitimate child (born to Mary, while her husband Joseph was out of town for 1 year...) but also a gay (but not pedophile as so many "Holley" christian priests are).

Not only Jesus but also "his grand-grand father" (according to Matthew's bullshit) - King David that was a gay that was officially married to Jonathan.

How such an idiot became a legislator instead of sending him back to his cave to search for bananas...

Eden’s private members motion, seconded by MLA Alva Suckoo, seeks “to affirm that expressions of Christian doctrine and scriptures by Christian organisations and individuals is a right protected by the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009”.

“I brought this motion in light of the atmosphere of tension and concern in regards to same-sex marriage and what it could lead to in the Cayman Christian and religious community and the values that we have grown to accept over the decades and decades as taught by our families,” Eden said.

“Christian preachers [abroad] are not allowed to refer to the biblical teaching as not supporting same-sex marriage and LGBTQ lifestyles, and it is termed, as we hear so often, Mr. Speaker, ‘hate speech’ and can be prosecuted.

“We’ve seen this propaganda in our own local newspapers when we try to speak up for the values of what we’ve been taught in our lifetime, that what we’re saying is ‘hate speech’. It’s not ‘hate speech’, Mr. Speaker. It comes from the Bible that I read frequently.”



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