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Sunday, Jan 17, 2021

Mobi-mats Installed at Public Beaches

On Wednesday (2 December), mobi-mats were installed at the Seven Mile Public Beach and Government's House Public Beach though the collaborative effort of the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands (MEYSAL), the Cabinet Office, the Older Persons Council and the Persons with Disabilities Council.
A total of six mobi- mats will be installed on public beaches throughout the Cayman Islands during the next few days as part of this initiative.

In his welcome remarks at the installation ceremony, Parliamentary Speaker Hon. Dr. W. Mckeeva Bush underscored the timeliness of the mat laying activity, which took place on the eve of The International Day of Persons with Disabilities. He further thanked the involved Ministries & departments for their role this undertaking.

"I deeply appreciate what the Ministries and departments involved have done to make this a reality. Once the mats are properly affixed, that will result in their extended longevity, allowing users to benefit and have access to our amazing beaches and the sea for many years to come," Mr. Bush stated.

Ms. Lucille Seymour, Chairperson for the Council for Older Persons also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Lands for providing older persons with a method through which they can "participate in swimming and providing a pathway to keep them more healthy and social".

"As an older person who loves the sea and enjoys the therapeutic benefits, I urge all older persons to take up this excellent and beneficial opportunity of going to the beach, "she added.

Cathy Fraizer, Council for Persons with Disabilities echoed similar sentiments, on behalf of the Older Persons and Disability Councils.

Minister for (EYSAL) Hon. Juliana O'Connor-Connolly expressed her delight at the opportunity to contribute towards the nations' development.

"I am elated that through social engineering, we have been able to move one step further towards the development of our country. Although we will not be able to install mats at every beach access area, we will nonetheless do all we can to ensure that our senior citizens and the most vulnerable in our communities can access our beaches and enjoy their tranquillity," said Minister O'Connor-Connolly.

Also on the agenda was Mrs. Alice Mae Coe, Deputy Chair of the Council for Persons with Disabilities, who offered the opening prayer. She implored members of the public to use the mats with care and respect, allowing them to facilitate the enjoyment of the islands’ beaches by less abled individuals and older persons.

Others in attendance at the ceremony included Hon. Tara Bush, Minister for Financial Services & Home Affairs, Ms. Magda Embury, Chairperson for the Council for Persons with Disabilities, a group of students from the Sir John A Cumber Primary School, who sang the National Song, representatives from the Ministry of Lands, the Cabinet Secretary’s Office and other participating Ministries and departments.

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