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Friday, May 07, 2021

NY Times Gives Trump Credit on Vaccine Effort

NY Times Gives Trump Credit on Vaccine Effort

The New York Times is acknowledging former President Donald Trump deserves his share of the credit for the development and production of the COVID-19 vaccines.
The Times gave kudos to both the Trump and Biden administrations for their efforts.

In a Wednesday story headlined "Biden Got the Vaccine Rollout Humming with Trump’s Help," the newspaper noted "Both administrations deserve credit, although neither wants to grant much to the other."

"(President Joe) Biden benefited hugely from the waves of vaccine production that the Trump administration had set in motion," the Times said. "As both Pfizer and Moderna found their manufacturing footing, they were able to double and triple the outputs from their factories."

Biden had noted on Wednesday at a White House event to celebrate vaccine advancements: "On Saturday, we hit a record of 2.9 million vaccinations in one day in America, and beyond the numbers are the stories. The vaccines bring hope and healing in so many ways."

But the newspaper said: "… a closer look at the ramp-up offers a more mixed picture, one in which the new administration expanded and bulked up a vaccine production effort whose key elements were in place when Mr. Biden took over for President Donald J. Trump."

And former Trump aides claim Biden is "proclaiming victory off his predecessor’s achievements," the Times said.

"They criticize what we did, but they are using our playbook every step of the way," said Paul Mango, the Trump administration’s deputy chief of staff for health policy.

The Biden team is "maintaining a very nice trajectory. But don’t criticize us to make yourselves look better."

The Times did give Biden his credit, as well.

It said the new administration "has taken two major steps that helped hasten vaccine production in the near term.

"Even before Mr. Biden was inaugurated, his aides determined that by invoking the Korean War-era Defense Production Act, the federal government could help Pfizer obtain the heavy machinery it needed to expand its plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan," the Times said. "The Trump administration had repeatedly invoked that law, but its order for Pfizer only covered single-use supplies like plastic liners, not durable factory equipment."

The Times also noted Biden’s efforts in speeding up production of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

And the newspaper said corporate, state, and federal officials say Biden has been more active than Trump in attempting to build up the nations vaccine stock.

Meanwhile, Howard Kurtz, host of "MediaBuzz" on Fox News, pointed out: "I have been saying for weeks that while President Biden is moving aggressively to ramp up the troubled vaccine program, President Trump deserves credit for creating Operation Warp Speed — and rarely gets any from the press.

"Apparently, I was right, at least according to the New York Times.

"Yep, the newspaper that spent four years investigating and often denigrating Trump has looked at the progress on vaccines and delivered, well, a fair and balanced report."

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