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Thursday, Oct 21, 2021

Material para las elecciones en el exterior de República Dominicana.

Panama denies permission to hold Dominican elections in its territory

The Government of Panama denied its permission to organize the presidential and legislative elections of the Dominican Republic in its territory, scheduled for next July 5, the electoral authorities of this country announced this Saturday.
The Panamanian Ministry of Health told the Dominican embassy that it is "not feasible" to hold the elections due to the country's epidemic situation, according to the Dominican Central Electoral Board in a statement.

Panama is the fifth country with the largest number of Dominicans in its territory, with 11,174 registered citizens with the right to vote in the next elections.

The Central American country reported on Friday a new record of 923 cases in one day and 10 deaths, which increased the number of confirmed infections to 24,274 and 485 deaths from COVID-19.

The United States, Spain and Puerto Rico, countries in which 87.77% of registered voters abroad are concentrated, have given their approval to the holding of the Dominican elections.

Other countries with fewer voters, such as Switzerland, Germany, France, Costa Rica or Nicaragua, have also authorized the holding of elections.

However, Italy, the fourth country with the most Dominican voters, and Curaçao, territory in which residents in Venezuela should vote, have not yet responded to the Dominican authorities.

In total, there are almost 590,000 registered voters abroad, who elect seven deputies and also vote in the presidential elections, in which Danilo Medina's successor will be elected.

The organization of the elections is also in suspense in the Dominican Republic because of the coronavirus, since the number of infections is increasing.

The country has recorded 655 deaths and 25,778 coronavirus infections, 710 of them in the last 24 hours, a record number for a single day since the pandemic began.

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