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Monday, Jun 14, 2021

Perfect Color Palettes for the Patio When Decorating This Summer

Perfect Color Palettes for the Patio When Decorating This Summer

Is your patio in need of an upgrade? With all the options, it's hard to know where to start when creating a plan for your patio. Magazines and Pinterest might give you ideas, but they can be more overwhelming than helpful. To narrow your options, you want to first decide on a color palette for your patio project.

A color palette makes decorating choices easier because you choose your decorations based on a few colors. It narrows all the head-spinning options, and it keeps you from purchasing items that might make your patio feel more cluttered than curated.

Every year, the textile industry shares popular color choices for the seasons. Some are surprising, and some are often familiar. Read below to learn about three popular color palettes for Summer 2021. You'll find out what colors are in each palette and how to decorate with them to achieve the patio of your dreams.

Think Citrus for a Fresh Feel

Our favorite fruits inspire some of the hottest colors this summer. Think tangy oranges, bright apricot, and vibrant limes. Pairing these colors from nature with a bold blue makes a statement that is sure to pop. This isn't for the faint of heart, but if you want a fun patio that catches the eye — this is the palette for you. Colors include orange, peach, lime green, and cerulean blue.

Here are some helpful tips when decorating with bright colors. Choose something to be the patio's focal point, and pair this palette with a neutral tone so as not to overwhelm the senses. Once you've picked your focal point and the neutral tone, you can determine your furniture's look.

Maybe you want to keep your furniture neutral with bright accessories. Or perhaps you want to make a big statement with brightly colored furniture. Either way, try to keep the tones to just one or two bold colors to achieve a polished and clean look. This color palette will make heads turn and jaws drop at the sight of your gorgeous new patio.

Pastels Can Create a Sweet Style

Pastel pinks and yellows complement gentle blues and greens in this palette. It's the ideal choice if you love the look of soft colors and want to create a patio that reminds you of spring flowers. Here, you take a bold shade and add white. These colors include pale pink, baby blue, light green, and buttery soft yellow.

When decorating with pastels, remember that too many pastels can make your decorating look childlike. Instead, limit your color story to one or two of these sweet shades, and look for small ways to incorporate them. Also, consider patterns you might use, such as florals or pastoral scenes, for a pop of your favorite pastel. Your summer patio will be a charming oasis of spring-like colors if you choose this palette.

Classic Blue and White Never Grows Old

Whether bold navy and alabaster or bright turquoise and porcelain, the color palette of blue and white seems to always be in style. There is nothing more appealing than crisp white stripes on a blue pillow. Both colors pair well with a bold accent color, whether it's salmon pink or sunny yellow. Of course, for the true Americana feel, red is always a brilliant choice. Blue is many things but never boring.

When decorating with this tried-and-true color palette, don't be afraid to use different shades of blue. Blue is versatile and pairs well with many other colors, including itself. Layering various shades of blue creates a dramatic effect in your decorating.

Blue is also a calming color. If you want a relaxed feel on your patio, choose blue. It will have you thinking of summer skies and ocean waves at any time of year.

You've Chosen a Color Palette — Now What?

Now that you've chosen your color palette, your next step is to find furniture to fit your space. To avoid overcrowding the patio, measure your space carefully. Also, consider how you use your patio. Is it a quiet sanctuary for a cup of coffee and a book? Or is it a gathering place for rambunctious family gatherings and dinners? Whatever the answer, look for durable furniture that is easy to move or change with your needs. Neutral furniture is an excellent option because it can pair with any color palette.

As you fill your patio space, make sure you remember the primary colors and look for accessories to showcase them. Add accessories a few at a time and get used to them before you add more. Enjoy the process as you create your dream patio, and before you know it, you'll be sipping a cool drink admiring the fruits of your labor. It's time to make your dream of an easy breezy summer a reality.


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