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Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

Petition to deny Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spaceflight reentry to Earth making the rounds

Petition to deny Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spaceflight reentry to Earth making the rounds

A new petition is looking to make Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos' upcoming suborbital spaceflight a one-way trip.

The Change.org petition, which was launched five days ago and had been signed by nearly 7,000 people as of Tuesday morning, is urging that the Amazon founder be denied reentry into Earth's atmosphere following Blue Origin's first passenger flight set for July 20.

"Jeff Bezos is actually Lex Luthor disguised as the supposed owner of a super successful online retail store. However, he's actually an evil overlord hell-bent on global domination," petition organizer Jose Ortiz said. "We've known this for years."

One individual who signed the petition called Bezos "a leech that is hoarding capital while billions starve and struggle." Meanwhile, others commented that Bezos should take SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with him.

Bezos first announced in an Instagram post last week he was headed to space along with his brother, Mark Bezos, and one auction winner who was recently sold a seat on the Blue Origin's spacecraft, New Shepard, for $28 million.

The winning bid amount will be donated to Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future, whose mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and to help "invent the future of life in space." Blue Origin said the auction winner's name will be revealed in the coming weeks. In addition, a fourth crew member will also be announced prior to the spaceflight.

The New Shepard, which can hold a total of six passengers, will reach an altitude of over 340,000 feet above Earth's atmosphere. The spacecraft – named after the first American in space, Alan Shepard – has already embarked on 15 successful consecutive missions above the Kármán Line, which is an imaginary boundary between Earth's atmosphere and outer space, according to Blue Origin. These missions include three successful escape tests "showing the crew escape system can activate safely in any phase of flight."

The aerospace company noted that less than 600 astronauts have ever made it past the Kármán Line to "see the borderless Earth and the thin limb of our atmosphere."

Representatives for Amazon and Blue Origin did not immediately return FOX Business' request for comment on the petition.


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