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Monday, Jul 26, 2021

Police In Michigan Defend Themselves For Repeatedly Punching Littering Suspect Who Claims He Was Rac

Police In Michigan Defend Themselves For Repeatedly Punching Littering Suspect Who Claims He Was Racially Profiled
He said, ‘What I saw in the video was another George Floyd. My point is, why are we to this point anyway? This is a felony-type stop. Why are we asking these guys to get out of the vehicle? Why are we handcuffing them?’

Bynum also highlighted that one of the officers in the video can be heard saying it was ‘lucky’ Hood wasn’t dead.

It’s believed Hood plans on filing a lawsuit against the GRPD.

Attorney Tyrone Bynum, who is representing Hood, has since responded and dubbed the bodycam footage as ‘another George Floyd [case]The three men, two of whom have not been named, are now accusing Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD) of racial profiling.

Meanwhile, GRPD Chief Eric Payne has defended the officers and said that how they handled the situation is something he expects officers to do.

There was reportedly another Black man in the back of the car and a Latino man in the passenger seat.

While the camera footage is from March 26, the story is only just making headlines after the controversial clip was shared on social media.

Officers in several different squad cars allegedly pulled the vehicle over for littering. Apparently upon approaching the vehicle, an officer saw one of the suspects stuff something under their seat, Wood TV reports.

In light of this, officers asked Diabate Hood, the driver of the car, to step out of the vehicle – something that he questioned whether it was necessary as he had already given them his licence. Hood also refused to identify the two other people in the car.

As another passenger was frisked, Hood then reportedly tried to get out the car through the passenger side but was quickly stopped by officers. It was then when he was pinned to the floor and punched.

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