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Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

Spain: Ukrainian sailor arrested after trying to sink a seven-million-euro yacht of the Russian boss - CEO of Russia's state arms export corporation

The sailor was arrested last Saturday for trying to drown the luxury yacht owned by Alexander Mikheev - the director general of the State Corporation of Russia's arms exports (known as the Rosoboronexport).
It all started when the sailor working on board 'Anastasia' for about ten years watched on TV a Russian cruise missile hitting a Ukrainian residential building and thought it was a missile made by the boss's company.

He opened a large valve in the engine room, another one in the crew's cabin, shut off the fuel valve, and cut off the power. He then warned three crew members to leave the ship when the latter called him insane.

The ship's crew along with port workers tried to stop the water from entering, but the yacht had already partially sunk.

When arrested by the port police the sailor claimed that the ship's owner was a criminal who made a living from selling weapons that now kill Ukrainian civilians.

The Spanish court released him.

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