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Sunday, May 29, 2022

BVI criticism of the CMG title given to ‘Gus’ Jaspert by the UK is unfair and unnecessary

The criticism against awarding the CMG royal honour to Mr. Jaspert actually proves that he deserves the title given to him.
Ex-governor Mr. Augustus J. U. Jaspert received the honour title from the British Kingdom, not from BVI, for the loyalty and service he did for the UK, not for the BVI. So what is exactly wrong?

The complaints from the BVI are just proving that it is what it is, and rightly so.

The Order of St Michael and St George is an honour given to the UK's ambassadors, diplomats and senior Foreign Office officials who have served the UK - and not BVI - overseas.

The fact that the graphic design of the CMG's coat of arms is racist, obviously (and it bears a painful resemblance to the image of the dying George Floyd, as well as the disturbing, and coincidence of course, similarity between the look of the former governor and Derek Chauvin) does not alter the fact that it symbolizes power, heroism and superiority from the other point of view.

The complaint that Mr. Jaspert opposed reparations and initiated the COI trick to thwart the locals' desire for independence rather proves that he deserves the honorary title bestowed on him. The awarding of this honour is exactly what it is: given to him by the UK, on behalf of the British kingdom, and not by BVI and not on behalf of the locals.

From the UK's point of view, ex-governor Mr. Augustus J. U. Jaspert absolutely deserves the title of Companion of his country's distinguished Order. After all, he sacrificed his personal comfort and compromised his personal reputation to serve the interests of the country that bestowed him the title.

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