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These Celebrities Might Be Senior Citizens By Now But They Still Rock

These Celebrities Might Be Senior Citizens By Now But They Still Rock

There are many celebrities who have been with us for quite a long time by now. Musicians, politicians, or film stars, they have all stunned us with their talents and skills in their respective fields and industries.

Just as impressively, these people have also been around to witness many changes over the past few decades, but they continue to thrive and adapt nonetheless. In this slideshow, you will find some of the most respected and beloved celebrities who you might not have known are still alive and kicking. Many of them have maintained their youthful appearances through cosmetic surgery though some were simply blessed with superior genes. Regardless, they continue to inspire all of us to achieve greatness and success in whatever we do. Let’s get started!


An iconic actress and businesswoman, Jaclyn Smith is best known for her role on Charlie’s Angels playing Kelly Garrett. During her extensive career, she’s made plenty of appearances in Hollywood movies and also launched her very own clothing and perfume brand in the 1980s. Now 73, you might be wondering what her secret for great skin is. Her answer is pretty simple: a healthy diet and daily exercise. Clearly, this method is working fantastically.


Did you know that Betty White actually launched her career doing radio gigs back in the 40’s? She apparently started out in radio because movie executives did not find her photogenic enough to star in their onscreen projects. We can’t imagine why they would think that, but that was what it was like for her in the beginning. These days, she is the female entertainer with the longest running career on television! She definitely showed those studio executives! Fans have not been quiet about their concern for her health, though it seems like Betty White does not plan on retiring soon. We think we’ll let her decide what’s best for her.


This Hollywood actor sure looks like he has luck on his side. Kirk Douglas has appeared in innumerable projects, and he has earned great fame for his acting chops and dimpled chin. Interestingly enough, he has also lived through numerous life-threatening moments! He served in the US Navy during World War II, experienced a helicopter crash back in 1991, and survived a stroke when he was 80 years old.


Hal Holbrook is definitely one of the most talented men Hollywood has ever seen! In fact, IMDb has even gone so far as to call him one of “the great craftsmen of stage and screen.” This Tony Award and Emmy Award recipient got his breakthrough in 1954 when he starred in a one-man stage show called Mark Twain Tonight. He has since appeared in a large body of work as a stage and big screen actor. He has also worked as a television director and guest starred in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.


Carol Channing owes much of her success in the show business to her wonderful singing voice. She starred in musical projects like Thoroughly Modern Millie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Hello Dolly! Channing clearly makes sure to watch what she eats and drinks as she still looks amazing at the advanced age of 97! We hope she lets us all in on her secret soon.


This stage and film actress, singer, and model was the first non-white actress to earn a huge role on television during the 50’s. Diahann Carroll was the role model for many talented black women who wanted to enter the entertainment industry! She was initially planning on focusing on operatic singing, but she enjoyed plenty of success as an actress. She even received nominations for various awards and went on to become the first African-American actress to earn a Tony Award back in 1962. She later survived breast cancer, though she chose to retire after the whole ordeal. Her most recent works involved recurring roles in shows like White Collar and Grey’s Anatomy.


This famous wrestler experienced the peak of his career back in the 80’s and the 90’s. Also known as ‘The Total Package,’ he competed in both the World Wrestling Federation and the World Championship Wrestling. How fascinating is it to learn that Lex Luger played for the Miami Hurricanes in the NFL as well? Unfortunately, he had to say goodbye to playing both sports when he had a spinal stroke. However, he remains active in the WWE as part of the Wellness Policy team.


In the 60’s, Richard Chamberlain made a name for himself when he starred as the eponymous character in the NBC show Dr. Kildare. The show attained great success, and it helped him land both film and theater projects to kickstart his acting career. He portrayed Jason Bourne in The Bourne Identity before the character became synonymous with Matt Damon. You can see more of his work in Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, King Solomon’s Mines, and The Thorn Birds. Chamberlain was outed by a French magazine at the age of 55, and this piece of information sent the fans into frenzy. He later confirmed his sexuality in his 2003 autobiography entitled Shattered Love.


Tony Bennett has been many things in the course of his long life. He is best known for his musical gifts and jazz legacy, though he also served as a soldier during the Second World War. Aside from this, he also took up painting at the School of Industrial Art in New York as a young man. His entertainment career has gone on for more than half a century and he continues to sing to this day! He worked on the vocals in soundtracks of hit films such as Goodfellas, The War of the Worlds, and Jurassic World.


We are sure everyone would agree when we say Eva Marie Saint has enjoyed a successful and lengthy acting career. She launched her career in the show business back in the late 40’s and truly made a name for herself when she starred opposite Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront. She even took home an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress with her performance in the film! She is definitely a hard-working and dedicated performer who has mastered her craft.


Jackie Mason is best known for his work in stand-up comedy, and he was unforgettable in his 1986 show The World According to Me. He bagged an Outer Critics Circle Award, an Emmy Award, an Ace Award, a Special Tony Award, and a Grammy nomination for it. He has since entered retirement, but we take comfort in knowing that Comedy Central ranked him #63 in their list of the greatest comedians in history.


Sophia Loren is one woman the entire world knows. Born and raised in Italy, she rose to stardom in the United States where she became a Hollywood star. She has appeared in projects opposite men such as Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Charlton Heston, and Gregory Peck. She also became the first actress to win an Oscar for a film in a foreign language when she took home the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1962 courtesy of her performance in Two Women. She did not stop there as she has also taken home a Grammy, a BAFTA, and multiple Golden Globe Awards! In 1991, she was awarded an honorary Academy Award for her filmography and being ‘one of world cinema’s greatest treasures.’ Let us not forget that she also became one of the first actresses to launch a fragrance brand. What a woman.


Another living legend worth mentioning is Norman Lloyd, who at 104 years old has seen numerous important events in history and spent time with central figures of the industry. After all, not a lot of people can brag about having a career that spans more than eight whole decades! He was friends with Charlie Chaplin, and he has worked with Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock. Apart from acting, he has also dipped his toes into producing and directing. You are probably under the impression that the elderly man since gone into retirement, but that isn’t correct! He continues to perform and you can even watch him on the television series Fly.


The gorgeous Ann Blyth first made waves in show business when she started acting in numerous films and onstage projects. Considering her body of work, it comes as no surprise to hear that she has her very own star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame! However, we doubt anything can ever beat her stellar performance in the crime drama Mildred Pierce, in which she played the character Veda Pierce Forrester, the daughter of the lead character portrayed by Joan Crawford.


Before she went on to become one of the most treasured stares of the 50’s and 60’s, Doris Day was a singer and dancer. However, she got injured in an automobile accident on her way back from a Hollywood dance audition, and this effectively stopped her dreams of dancing. Luckily, this then led to a successful acting career, and she became famous after taking on projects like The Man Who Knew Too Much, Pillow Talk, and Calamity Jane. She also hosted a successful TV program called The Doris Day Show.


Dean Stockwell is another mainstay in show business who has been around for the past seventy years. He actually started acting when he was 7 years old, and his debut role was for Gentleman’s Agreement. He became a big star during the Golden Age of Hollywood, and he starred in the 1959 film Compulsion. He has collaborated with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Orson Welles, and Gene Kelly! However, he will likely be forever known as Admiral Al Calavicci from the TV show Quantum Leap. His most recent acting credit was for a 2015 film, but he has decided to retire after suffering a stroke.


Kristy McNichol has become an American Legend over the years. The American comedian, actress, producer, and singer, is now 57-years-old and is best known for her work in the movies, Little Darlings, Only When I Laugh and the TV show Empty Nest. Nowadays, she’s already retired from the entertainment industry.


American singer and actor, Billy Dee Williams is most known for his role as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars. His first on-screen appearance was in 1980, in The Empire Strikes Back. He also played in numerous movies like Lady Sings the Blues and 1982’s Batman. Since then, he decided to try music and released his own jazz LP which became a commercial success.


Once a competitive bodybuilder, Bolo Yeung is a successful martial artist and a martial arts film director. When he’s cast in starring roles, he is typically cast as the villain. Some of his most famous roles are in Enter the Dragon alongside Bruce Lee, Bloodsport with Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Bloodfight with Yasuaki Kurata and Simon Yam. Today, Bolo is 72 years old and is still active in the industry.


The lovely Angela Lansbury has starred in many Hollywood projects during her time in the industry, though she is best known for her iconic role in Murder, She Wrote. Another production that will always be associated with her would be Beauty and the Beast as she sang the beautiful theme song in addition to providing the voice of Mrs. Teapot in the animated film. During the 90’s, she even surprised fans when she stepped out of retirement to perform the song on stage one more time.


The Bahamian-American actor made history when he became the first black actor to bag an Oscar. Sidney Poitier has delivered many impressive performances during his career spanning five decades. Among other things, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor courtesy of his performance in the drama comedy film Lilies of the Field, and he has also been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Aside from acting, Poitier has also dabbled in directing and producing work. He truly changed the way African Americans were perceived in the industry!


Carl Reiner is an incredibly talented man who has cemented himself as one of the comedy greats in America. The 96-year-old star has proven to us that he can act, sing, write, and direct! He has worked with Dick Van Dyke and Mel Brooks in the past, and he recently played Saul in the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. He has earned nine Emmy Awards over the years: three for acting, four for writing, and two for producing. When it comes to politics, he is a lifelong Democrat who was outspoken in his support for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 elections. If that’s not impressive enough, he also continues to act to this day!

Rhonda Fleming, 95 Years Old

Rhonda Fleming’s breakthrough role was in the 1945 film Spellbound directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Over the years, she has appeared in about forty Hollywood projects. She also earned the unforgettable title “The Queen of Technicolor,” thanks to her bright red hair and ghostly pale complexion. She has since retired from acting, and she now devotes her energy and time to philanthropic organizations, particularly those in the field of medical insurance and healthcare. She launched the Rhonda Fleming Mann Clinic for Women’s Comprehensive Care in the UCLA Medical Center with her ex-husband Ted Mann.


Barbara Eden, best known for her starring role in the NBC show I Dream of Jeannie, is an American actress who has worked both onscreen and on the stage. People consider her to be “One of America’s 200 Greatest Pop Icons of the 20th Century.” She has starred in many films and TV shows over the years, though the sitcom has become synonymous with her. She came out with a memoir called The Jeannie Out of the Bottle in 2011, and now enjoys her retirement.


When your father is someone like Frank Sinatra, people are going to have certain expectations of you. Nancy Sinatra, luckily, was up to task, and she had no problems making a name for herself. She began singing and recording during the 60’s, and she even collaborated with her father! She last released an album in 2013, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for more in the future. She keeps her personal life on the down-low, though most people believe she is now retired.


Sylvester Stallone turned 72 years old this year, though it seems like he is not letting his age stop him from acting! The famous Rambo star continues to enjoy a successful Hollywood career, although he has been the subject of numerous death hoaxes in the past. He is alive and well, though it seems like he has finally said goodbye to the iconic role of Rocky Balboa.


Wow, we sure hope we age as gracefully as Julie Andrews has! This world-famous performer is most recognizable for her performance as the titular nanny in Mary Poppins or the governess in The Sound of Music. She is considered to be a multi-hyphenate as she can act, sing, and dance! She might be 83 years old, but she continues to act. Her most recent project was Despicable Me 3, where she provided the voice for Gru’s mother.


We all fondly look back on the beloved game show The Price is Right! It ran for three and a half decades with Bob Barker as the host. He has also worked on beauty pageants like Miss Universe and Miss USA. He entered retirement after experiencing some health problems such as, accidents and skin cancer.


Debbie Harry has also dabbled in modeling and film, though she is best known for her musical talents more than anything else. She was the lead vocalist of Blondie, the musical group who released hit songs such as “Heart of Glass,” “Rapture,” and “Call Me.” Blondie is believed to have pioneered the new wave subgenre and considered to be one of the most successful acts back in the 70’s and 80’s. Debbie Harry has around sixty acting credits under her belt including films like Cop Land, Videodrome, and Hairspray.


Can you believe this talented lady has been in the entertainment industry for almost six decades now? She actually started acting in the show Gidget when she was 19. The sitcom did not live past its first season though she was able to bag a role in The Flying Nun, which was on air for three seasons. She later appeared in other small screen projects such as, Sybil, The Flying Nun, The Girl with Something Extra, and Brothers and Sisters. She also went into the film industry by starring in famous films like Mrs. Doubtfire and Forrest Gump. However, it was for her performances in Norma Rae and Places in the Heart for which she received her two Academy Awards. She definitely has some impressive things under her belt and a special spot in our hearts, though it seems like she is not planning on stopping anytime!


Up next, we have another Hollywood centenarian, Olivia De Havilland. The 102-year-old star has appeared in several classic Hollywood films, though she is best remembered for her portrayal of Melanie in the 1939 film Gone with the Wind. She used to be in a famous duo opposite Errol Flynn, and the pair starred in projects like Dodge City, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Captain Blood. She is now enjoying her retirement, and she definitely deserves it!


We have already talked about Julie Andrews so we definitely have to mention her The Sound of Music costar! This Canadian actor portrayed Captain Von Trapp in the hit musical film, though he has also made a name for himself with his knockout theater performances. He was, at some point, considered to be the premier North American Shakespearean actor during the 20th century! He also broke records when he became the oldest person to receive an Academy Award when he won the Best Supporting Actor category at the age of 82. He is still active in the industry, and he was recently nominated for yet another Academy Award for the 2017 film All the Money in the World.


The beautiful Loni Anderson is best remembered for playing Jennifer Marlowe in the show WKRP in Cincinnati. She has received comparisons to legendary actresses such as Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Manson in addition to racking up various nominations and awards in prestigious ceremonies. She has starred in many hit movies, and she actually had the opportunity to tell the story of Jayne Mansfield through the big screen!


Ali MacGraw is yet another actress who has managed to age beautifully! She first received some attention in the entertainment industry when she appeared in the film adaptation of Philip Roth’s Goodbye, Columbus. Though it was her performance in the romance film Love Story that truly catapulted her into fame and stardom. People has even included her on their 50 Most Beautiful People list, and we definitely agree with them on that! We can only wish we would grow old as gracefully as she has. If anyone knows how she does it, let us know.


Robert Fuller is famous for his performance on the medical drama series Emergency, though he has also done a lot of work in the Western film genre. Back in the 60’s, he starred in television projects like Laramie and Wagon Train. We enjoy learning that he has retreated to North Texas after retiring from acting! The place known for its cowboys seems perfect for someone like him.


BernNadette Stanis made herself unforgettable back in the 70’s when she played Thelma Ann in the CBS sitcom Good Times. With her grace and sophistication, it’s no wonder why she became the epitome of black beauty in those days. She later starred in other small screen projects like The Parent Hood, The Love Boat, and The Cosby Show. She has largely retired from acting, though she continues to make guest appearances in several onscreen projects. These days, she prefers to focus on her family. She released a book called BernNadette Stanis Situations 101 in 2006 as well.


Tippi Hedren is most memorable for starring in the iconic film The Birds, though she has also appeared in numerous other projects. It has been a while since she has worked in the industry as she has retired from acting. Nowadays, she is more famous for the beautiful genes she has passed on to other talented individuals like her daughter Melanie Griffith or her granddaughters Stella Banderas and Dakota Johnson. She now spends her days helping charities raise funds, and her philanthropic niche happens to be wildlife preservation.


Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Lee Majors was one of the most popular actors around. He made a name for himself when he took on the lead roles in television shows such as The Fall Guy and The Six Million Dollar Man. At some point, he married Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angels. In those days, they were the power couple in the biz thanks to their individual status as stars in top-rating shows!


It’s hard to believe that she was regular teenager when she met Elvis Presley, though she probably did not expect to end up marrying the King of Pop and bearing his child! Their marriage came to an end in 1973 before she went on to pursue an acting career and earn millions of dollars from her businesses. When Elvis died in 1977, he only left their daughter an inheritance worth $1 million. Luckily, Priscilla helped bring the Elvis Presley Enterprises off the ground again, and she managed to successfully increase Lisa Marie Presley’s inheritance to $100 million. Great job, Priscilla! Don’t you wish she was your mom?


Lindsay Wagner might no longer be active in Hollywood, but that does not mean we will ever forget her iconic performance as Jamie Sommers in the sci-fi series The Bionic Woman. During the 90’s, her career began slowing down but Wagner’s passion for the craft never once dwindled. Since then, she has been busy running self-help seminars and workshops, writing books, and teaching at San Bernardino Valley College in California. She is set to work on a video game by Sony as well!


Wow, a face like that was definitely made to be featured on television! However, we doubt you are aware that Mark Harmon is talented in other fields as well. He went to the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles where he was awarded the All-Round Excellence Award by the National Football Foundation when he was a student. After graduation, he was considering a career in either law or advertising, though things changed when he made his onscreen debut. He is best known for portraying Secret Service Special Agent Simon Donovon on the political drama The West Wing and Special Agent Jethro Gibbs in the police procedural NCIS. He continues to play the latter now!


Tina Louise has enjoyed a lengthy onscreen career over the years, though she is likely best known for playing Ginger Grant in the classic American sitcom Gilligan’s Island. You might not know, however, that she actually stepped onto the entertainment industry via her Broadway performances. She might have quit acting, but this might have something to do with the fact that she is a member of the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Actors Studio. She is the writer of multiple books and that includes children’s books. She is an academic and literacy advocate who volunteers with children in New York City through the non-profit organization Learning Leaders. She has stated that it was important for little kids to learn literary skills as these will help them gain “confidence, self-determination, and proof of their own potential.” She is definitely a wonderful role model!


Now 85 years old, Kim Novak has starred opposite some of the most notable actors Hollywood has ever seen. She appeared alongside Frank Sinatra, William Holden, and Kirk Douglas in numerous projects. However, her most famous performance is for the 1958 mystery film Vertigo, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. She quit acting while relatively young in order to focus on her other creative passion, the visual arts.


If the name does not a ring a bell, it might be because she used to go by a screen name when she was active in the scene. Remember Baby Peggy? Cary is one of the last living silent film stars, though this is probably because she began acting at only 19 months young! She has appeared in about 150 films in her childhood. However, she did not like the harsh working conditions so she decided to quit acting early on. Unfortunately, she had to go back to the screen after her father’s corrupt business partners spent the fortune she made as a child. She later found joy and success in writing, and she released an autobiography called Whatever Happened to Baby Peggy?


The gorgeous Victoria Principia is best remembered for her performance in the soap opera Dallas. At 68 years old, she runs her own skin care product line, and she has also written books about wellness, beauty, and fitness. Sign us up!


This British bombshell first caught the attention of viewers when she appeared in the TV series The Avengers in the role of Cathy Gale. Her performance impressed casting agents, and she was later offered the memorable part of Pussy Galore in the third James Bond film, Goldfinger. The former Bond girl still looks amazing despite her advanced age. Who knows, perhaps this has something to do with her martial arts skills and fitness regimen that kept her in shape when she was younger? We would definitely give anything to look that good by the time we reach 93 years old!


Stan Lee was never the type of person who let things like age come in between him and success. Every generation knows him as the creator of our beloved characters and franchises! We are sure you have at least heard of Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, and Spiderman. Without this icon, the Avenger movies would not have been made. He retired from Marvel in the 90’s, though he nonetheless remained the biggest public figure in the comic book industry afterward. Sadly, his recent death in November 2018 has put a stop to all of that. We will surely miss the cameos he makes in the installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Rest in peace, you legend.


Up next, we have another elderly celebrity who has recently passed away but deserves a spot here nevertheless. Nanette Fabray started her entertainment career in vaudeville performances where she displayed her singing and tap dancing skills. She made her way to the Broadway stage before she started working on onscreen projects for which she won Tony and Emmy Awards. As a young girl, she did not have an easy time in school and she was under the impression that she had a learning disorder. Later, she learned she actually suffered from conductive hearing loss! The revelation turned Fabray into a deaf people’s rights advocate until her death in February 2018.


The 41st President of the United States of America made it to our list! Of course, we have to honor him. Apart from his political career, he was also an aviator and businessman. During the Second World War, he joined the Navy and trained to become a naval aviator. However, members of the younger generation probably remember him better as the father of yet another former POTUS, George W. Bush, Jr. He passed away November 30, 2018.


We have another American President on our list! In fact, Jimmy Carter is the second nonagenarian POTUS we have after George H. W. Bush. As the 39th President of the United States, Carter was able to accomplish many things. However, the greatest achievement of his administration lies in foreign policy. He continues to be a human rights advocate and an inspiration to many people to this day.


Apart from Tina Louise who we already discussed, Dawn Wells is the only other surviving cast member of Gilligan’s Island. In the sitcom, she played the unforgettable character of Mary Ann Summers. Did you know she has both beauty and brains? In 1959, she was crowned Miss Nevada and even went on to participate in the Miss America competition! She was also accepted to Columbia University under the medicine program, but she fell in love with acting and chose a different path. She is no longer active in Hollywood, though she continues to teach acting classes and participate in theater projects. She also runs The Wishing Wells Collections, a clothing brand for disabled people.


The talented beauty became famous for her incredible singing voice and her amazing acting skills. This set of talents helped her land roles in musicals like Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas. She has recorded numerous songs and won multiple awards for both her musical and acting skills. She continues to act to this day!


During World War II, Vera Lynn earned the nickname “The Forces’ Sweetheart.” This was because the beginning of her career involved singing to soldiers to give them support, entertainment, and comfort in those trying times. The English musician rose to stardom not only for her singing voice, but also for her performances in both the small screen and the big screen. On her 100th birthday, she released the album Vera Lynn 100. It is already an impressive feat to have recorded and produced another album, but it is also delightful to hear it climbed to the third spot in the music charts!


This gentleman has a handsome face that would have made all the women swoon if he were on screen for a longer period of time. His acting career was stopped short by a letter that came from the recruitment office that called for his enlistment during the Second World War. Once the war was over, he returned to the entertainment industry but not in front of the camera. He decided to leave acting behind and instead became a director. He has been awarded numerous accolades over the course of his career, though his biggest accomplishment is probably the creation of the well-loved and highly popular TV series M*A*S*H.


Sally Struthers first made waves when she worked on the hit TV series All in the Family in the role of Gloria Stivic. Members of the younger generation might know her better as Babette in Gilmore Girls, however. Now 71 years old, she is still active in the acting industry and continues to perform in television, film, and stage projects. She is also quite the philanthropist as a spokeswoman for The Child Fund and the International Correspondence Schools.


Personally, we think the gorgeous Adrienne Barbeau has aged like fine wine! In 1971, she played Rizzo in the original production of the musical cult classic Grease. She was able to demonstrate her talents as an actress, dancer, and singer in one beautiful package. In 1972, she portrayed the character Carol Traynor in the sitcom Maude. She landed more film and television projects after this, and her last known acting credit was for small screen guest appearances in 2015.


Look no further if you were looking for evidence that a healthy lifestyle can help you feel and look good even in an advanced age. Denise Austin is the living proof that a nutritious diet and regular exercise can do wonders for your health. The fitness instructor rose to fame and stardom back in the 80’s thanks to her ESPN2 exercise program Getting Fit with Denise Austin. Reruns continue to be broadcasted so feel free to tune in if you want to follow her fitness regimen and get a kick out of those 80’s outfits! She also has a daughter named Katie who has followed in her footsteps. The younger woman developed a fitness brand called Get Fit with Katie and launched a mobile app as well. The pair have also collaborated together and you can watch them on YouTube.


Now 102 years old, the beloved children’s and young adult author has a legacy many are thankful for. She has sold more than 91 million copies of her books since she was first published in 1951! Some of her most famous characters are Henry Huggins and his pet dog Risby. She has been the recipient of numerous nominations and awards for her notable contribution to literature as well. The talented author now lives in a retirement home in Carmel Valley, California.


The most talented stars out there are those who have appeared in television, film, and stage projects. While she is best known for starring in the TV series Lost in Space and Lassie, her spectacular performance in For Love or Money was also well-received. In fact, it was so impressive that she ended up bagging a Tony Award for it! She is truly nothing short of impressive and the fact that she has two spots on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame is a testament to this.


Sometimes, a wonderful singing voice lands you a great Hollywood career. There are also times when such a talent can make your life somewhat easier when you are a child living in a Nazi concentration camp. For Robert Clary, both situations were his reality. Apart from being a fantastic singer, he is also a great actor and artist. His comedic skills helped bring him to the Broadway stage and the rest, as they say, is history. He is an admirably brave and humble man who has made it a point to focus on the present and move on from his tragic past.


Patricia Morison was a knockout with her blue doe eyes and shiny raven hair. She looked just as good as an older woman as she did in her prime! She was a major figurehead on the Broadway stage and in Hollywood thanks to her amazing acting chops and mezzo-soprano singing voice. Unfortunately, she died in her West Hollywood home in May 2018. We decided to mention her anyway because she is just that iconic!


Katharine Ross first became famous when she started appearing in TV westerns. Projects under this genre actually make up the bulk of her well-known works! Her acting chops and natural beauty must have made it easy for her to bag many parts in this genre. You can watch her in the films The Stepford Wives, Donnie Darko, The Graduate, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. She is also a recipient of the BAFTA Award for her performance in the 1969 Western film Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here. She has led a quiet life with fellow actor Sam Elliott, though she still makes TV appearances from time to time.


It is true that many people who want to pursue acting do it for the fame, though Jimmy Lydon is not one of them. In the beginning, it was nothing more than a means to provide for his parents and siblings, but he later fell in love with the craft. He was born to a big Irish Catholic family, and he had to overcome many challenges to make a name for himself. He has achieved success when he went up on the Broadway stage and later worked on onscreen projects. He is also credited as a co-creator of the popular TV show M*A*S*H.


There are not many surviving stars from the Silent Film era so we are extremely glad Caren Marsh-Doll is still alive and kicking. She is not only an actress but she is also a talented dancer, best known as the dance double for Judy Garland in Ziegfeld Girl and The Wizard of Oz. She actually experienced a plane crash back in 1949, and it seems like she is making the most out of her second life. Back then, doctors wanted to amputate her foot but her injury healed, and she could soon dance again.


We all grew up watching the classic animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, right? Well, we would like to inform you that Snow White was literally based on Marge Champion who was used as the model for her dancing and movements during production. She has earned majority of her fortune as a choreographer and dancer. We are sure all the dancing she has done in her lifetime has helped her look amazing at the age of 99!


Isn’t it fascinating to learn that Bob Newhart was once an accountant in Chicago before he became famous in the entertainment industry? Apparently, however, he hated his job back then. He must have been extremely happy to go on comedy circuits during the 60’s and work on successful television programs like Newhart and The Bob Newhart Show. He later dabbled in the big screen as well, appearing in movies like Elf and The Rescuers. Despite the success of his television shows, he is best known for the comedic monologue albums he released. In 2006, the album I Shouldn’t Even Be Doing This won the best spoken word album category in the Grammys.


Peggy Stewart is yet another actress who has aged wonderfully. Now 95, she will be forever remembered for starring in Western movies and TV shows. She has retired from acting in 1953 to care for her family though she continues to dip her toes in TV projects every now and then. Aside from this, she is also active in the theatrical community in Los Angeles.


We have another talented Italian actress on our list! Valentina Cortese has enjoyed a lengthy career in Hollywood, and she was actually one of the first Italian actresses who have attained such a high level of success in the American entertainment industry. She was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work on the film Day for Night.


Many fans were disappointed to hear that the sitcom Honeymooners did not live longer than one season but it gave the stars enough mileage to launch their careers nonetheless. These days, Joyce Randolph is the only surviving star from the quartet featured on the show. After starring in Honeymooners, she was able to land numerous film and TV show projects. She did not limit herself to onscreen work, however, as she also performed on the Broadway stage.


It is fascinating to learn that Prince Philip was actually a member of two royal families before he went on to marry Queen Elizabeth II of England! He hailed from the Greek and Danish royal families and this must have played a factor in the successful match as well. Ever since their marriage in 1947, he has led a very public life alongside the Queen and he continues to attend important occasions at her side. He has always attended to his duties with enviable grace and humor, though apparently the latter occasionally gets him into a fair amount of trouble!


Jerry Lee Lewis was born into a poor and religious family who decided to sell their house in order to buy him a piano! Luckily, the gamble paid off as this proved to be the beginning of his musical career. Also known as “The Killer,” he made a name for himself after he wrote and sold a song with J.W. Brown, his cousin. The client was none other than Sam Philips, the president of Sun Records. Back then, it was not the norm for singers to perform songs written by someone else so he was considered a pioneer in this aspect as well as for the introduction of piano to rock ‘n’ roll. He first got married at the tender age of 16, and he got divorced six times since then. He has experienced many personal hardships and tragedies like losing his kids and fighting alcoholism. Fortunately, Lewis was able to conquer these difficulties and continues to perform today.


When the King of Thailand died on October 13, 2016, Queen Elizabeth II effectively became the longest reigning monarch in recorded history. She began her reign as the Queen of England and the Commonwealth at the age of 25 when King George VI passed away in 1952. At this moment, she has been on the throne for more than 66 years! She is well-loved by her constituents for her skills at public relations and her efforts to help out former colonies.


For those who aren’t so similar with this next celeb, let us introduce you to momager, Kris Jenner. However, she also has many other titles that she goes by, but the reality TV star, businesswoman, and socialite first rose to fame when she starred alongside her family in the popular reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Even though she was given quite a bit of publicity after her first husband, Robert Kardashian was the lawyer of O.J Simpson.


American actress, Felicity Huffman is best known for her role in the award-winning comedy-drama series, Desperate Housewives. Tp date, Huffman has snagged a Primetime Emmy, a Golden Globe, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards for her work on the big screen. Currently, she has been working on both small screen and film projects. You can catch her on Netflix’s new series When They See Us.


No doubt about, it Celine Dion needs no introduction. But for those people who might have forgotten for some reason – we’re here to help you out. Dion is an internationally recognized Canadian singer and songwriter. The 52-year-old started her career from a very young age where she successfully produced French music and albums. However, it didn’t take her too long before she was able to launch into the world industry…she has since never looked back. At 52 years old she is singing as beautifully as ever.


53-year-old, American journalist, TV personality, host, and author, Anderson Cooper is one of the most popular faces on television. Currently, he hosts the show Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. The show has received a lot of attention over the past decade. Anderson is also famous for traveling the world to broadcast from various different locations on the globe. He might be aging over the years, but in our opinion, he doesn’t look a day older than 45 – what do you think?


Most famous as Mr. T, Laurence Tureaud is an actor, bodyguard, and retired professional wrestler. Most people will probably recognize his distinctive face from the 1980s TV show, The A-Team. He starred as B.A. Baracus. Following that in 982, he played the boxer Clubber Lang in Rocky III. Did you know the 68-year-old also released an album where tells kids to stay in school and to stay clear of drugs? Pretty impressive, right?


The next superstar celeb on our list is remarkably 103 years old. Marsh Hunt is a retired American actress, model, and activist, whose career spanned over an impressive 70 years. During the 1950s, Hunt was actually blacklisted in Hollywood. However, she still managed to star in many more films. During the time that she was blacklisted, she became an advocate for world hunger and promoted peace within third-world countries.


Most people will recognize this amazing actor from the very popular Mary Poppins and his TV show The Dick Van Dyke Show. The 95-year-old American actor, Dick Van Dyke has enjoyed a very successful acting career that has spanned over the past seven decades, he has also proudly won several prestigious awards such as Emmys, a Tony, and a Grammy award, just to name a few. However, besides acting, he is also a very talented singer, comedian, and dancer. Believe it or not but he is still active in Hollywood, he even starred in recent films like Night At The Museum and its sequel.


The stunning Melanie Griffith began her acting career in the 1970s, appearing in several independent thriller films before achieving mainstream success in the mid-1980s. Her big breakthrough only took place in 1984 when she appeared in Body Double! Griffith has very much enjoyed a successful and lengthy career since then. In more recent years, she appeared in Dabka (2017).


Rebecca De Mornay is an American actress and producer. Her breakthrough film role came in 1983 when she starred as Lana in Risky Business. But she has fortunately appeared in many other successful projects over the years, including 80’s classics such as Runaway Train and The Trip to Bountiful. At present, she is active in the industry.


Pat Sajal may not be so familiar to most reading this, and if that’s the case we just have one question for you…where have you been hiding? Sajak is the talented host of Wheel of Fortune is. He has been hosting the show since the early 1980s. However, he has also been doing a number of other projects since he began his career as a TV personlity.


Shelley Duvall is a retired American actress who is known for her portrayals of several eccentric characters. She has received many accolades, which include a Cannes Film Festival Award, a Peabody Award, two Emmy Award nominations, and a BAFTA Award nomination. Duvall began her career in Robert Altman films and which ultimately helped in getting the attention of Hollywood producers. She then went on to play roles in films such as McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Nashville, Brewster McCloud, Thieves Like Us, and 3 Women, but her roles in The Shining and Popeye. Even though she retired from acting back in 2010, she still works as a producer for various children’s shows.


Believe it or not, but the beautiful Carly Simon is indeed 75 years old. The American singer-songwriter, musician, and children’s author first rose to fame in the 1970s with a string of hit records’. Her first album was released in 1971 and included the popular single “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard it Should Be.” It was a massive success that she was able to release another album within a few months of the first one. Even though Simon continues to perform today, her most popular one to date is her hit song, “You’re so Vain”.


The next multitalented celeb on this list is Cybill Shepherd who is not just an actress but a former model as well. Shepherd began her career in 1971 when she appeared in the movie The Last Picture Show. Following that, she then starred in The Heartbreak Kid and Taxi Driver. Shepherd also tried Broadway in 2012 where she played in The Best Man alongside James Earl Jones.


Faye Dunaway commenced her career on Broadway, but in 1967, she made her debut on the big screen in the film The Happening. However, what truly established her career was her portrayal of the character Bonnie in the film Bonnie and Clyde, for which she won an Oscar. Dunaway is also the is the recipient of many accolades, including an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and a BAFTA Award. She most recently starred in the movie Inconceivable alongside Nicolas Cage and Gina Gershon.


Keaton is an American actress and filmmaker who is pretty well known for her eccentric personality and dressing style…even at 75 years old. Keaton only made her official debut in The Godfather as Kay, however, she is best known for the work she has done with Woody Allen. She acted in a number of his films, including Annie Hall, Love and Death, Sleeper, and Play it Again Sam. Keaton has received an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and the AFI Life Achievement Award. To date, she has enjoyed a very successful career. And, she has also taken on other roles such as author, real estate developer, photographer, and even the occasional singer.


Loretta Swit is an American actress known for her character roles, she is best known for her portrayal of Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan on M*A*S*H, for which she won two Emmy awards. In more recent years, Swit has decided to focus her career on more big-screen roles. In 2019, she starred in Play the Flute.


Garr began her career back in the early 60s and is most loved for her role as Beloved for Igna in Young Frankenstein by Gene Wilder. From there on, Teri Garr went on to enjoy a very successful career. A few of the other movies she played in are Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Tootsie. In 2002, Garr disclosed that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it was then in 2007 that she retired from acting. Currently, she serves in the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as its National Ambassador.


Yes, we didn’t believe it either, Lola Falana is really 78 years old and we all have to agree she looks incredible! From around 1964 to 1997, Lola Falana astonished everyone with her terrific skills at dancing, acting, and singing. Despite her having loads of potential and talent, her multiple sclerosis made things a lot more complex. During that time, she truly relied on her religion to help her overcome the hardships. Currently, she is no longer active in the industry but has rather chose o focus on a more spiritual journey.


If you lived and grew up in the 80s, you’ll definitely know who Kelly McGillis is right? On the off-chance that you don’t remember the 80’s film star, we would like to remind you that she was in Witness as Rachel Lapp, Top Gun as Charlie, and The Accused as Kathryn Murphy. Does it all ring a bell now? McGillis has recently been cast for the lead role in the biographical film Annie Cook.


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