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Friday, Dec 09, 2022

This Is What LONDON Looks Like NOW

This video will show you what London looks like after the disappearance of International tourists. Businesses are collapsing, retail, hospitality, entertainment, it's all disappeared at a rapid rate. The London we all remember and love, has changed forever.
I spent 4 days in total in London on this trip. Saturday & Sunday were extremely busy, but Monday & Tuesday were very QUIET! Hardly anyone around.

People are spending, but only on the weekends - business is dead during the week. It seems as though people don't want to spend too much money right now due to the risk of an even deeper recession.

Carnaby Street, London was looking a lot more healthy!

I then travelled through Soho, into Leicester Square, before walking down to Trafalgar Square. Again it was the same story, there were no overseas or local tourists and the locals were nowhere to be seen.

I was very surprised that Covent Garden was absolutely BOOMING! Tourism here HAD returned! But it seemed to be mainly UK tourists with a few overseas tourists.

I stopped to speak with a number of business owners, and they all said the same thing, things are not looking good - the tourists just aren't returning yet. 30% of businesses had collapsed

I made this video to show you the truth of what's really going on... There is no V shaped recovery. It's all a huge LIE.

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