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Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

TOTALLY OFFICIAL: Lionel Messi is a new PSG player

TOTALLY OFFICIAL: Lionel Messi is a new PSG player

Argentine star Lionel Messi left a life in Barcelona and headed to Paris, where he will play for PSG in Ligue 1.

Completely official: Lionel Messi is a new PSG player in France, this was confirmed by the club today on its social networks.

Messi , with extensive experience in Spanish football, was forced to leave Barcelona after not being able to register him, despite having an agreement with the team to continue at least two more seasons in Spain.

After a sad press conference full of memories, the Argentine star said goodbye to his teammates and fans on Sunday, already thinking about his destiny: PSG.

"It is a possibility," confirmed the forward on Sunday, at the time of his farewell from the Barça club.

Lionel Messi , along with his family, traveled Tuesday afternoon to Paris , where a crowd of fans was already waiting for his arrival, to what is the new idol of the city ... and possibly the country, due to his direct impact in Ligue 1.

Messi's presence in Paris from 3:30 pm French time was a historic day, with a journey from the recognition to the hotel, with Lionel Messi greeting those who will be his most appreciated fans now, and who will make his name in unison in the Park of the Princes.

Finally when night fell in Paris, Messi signed his contract, which makes him officially a PSG player.

The presentation is expected this Wednesday at 4:00 am, Panama time.

PSG will play this Saturday at the Parc des Princes at full capacity against Strasbourg, and surely Lionel Messi will be there as their new player.

Previous hours, Fabrizio Romano anticipated the signing, ensuring that Messi will have a salary close to 35 million euros for the season, and would stay for two years.


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